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DESCRIPTION: He got Five Japs - And How- After shooting down two Jap planes over Kyushu, Lt. Robert J. Stone, Garvin, MN, was jumped by 25 Jap fighters. Engine trouble left him low on high altitude power, so he raced from 28,000 feet to the "deck", the Japs at his heels, and hedgehopped over central Kyushu. Racing past a Jap airfield, he encountered a twin-engined Jap Betty which had just taken off in front of him. He yanked back on the stick, hopped over the Betty. Apparantly his propwash caught the two Japs immediately behind him. They collided and plowed together into the Betty. The three went down in a flaming heap. After shaking off the remaining Japs he landed at his base with only 30 gallons of gas in his tanks, where he told the story to his crew chiefs, Sgt Fred Sofio and S/Sgt Richeard D. Peiffer. Okinawa.
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