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  • 342-FH-3A-42795-57800AC iwo
  • 342-FH-3A-42796-57801AC iwo-579733839
  • 342-FH-3A-42797-60160AC iwo
  • 342-FH-3A-42798-60193AC iwo
  • 342-FH-3A-42804-70510AC iwo
  • 342-FH-3A-42805-70511AA iwo
  • 342-FH-3A-42806-70638AC iwo-1381626634
  • 342-FH-3A-42807-70639AC iwo-1409363663
  • 342-FH-3A-42808-82480AC iwo

342-FH-3A-42804-70510AC iwo

342-FH-3A-42804-70510AC iwo More
342-FH-3A-42804-70510AC iwo Jap installations on the eight square mile island of Iwo Jima, Bonin Islands, halfway between Saipan and Tokyo, are attacked by 7th Air Force Consolidated B-24 "Liberators" on 21 October 1944.


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