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  • 342-FH-3A-42794-57792AC iwo
  • 342-FH-3A-42795-57800AC iwo
  • 342-FH-3A-42796-57801AC iwo-579733839
  • 342-FH-3A-42797-60160AC iwo
  • 342-FH-3A-42798-60193AC iwo
  • 342-FH-3A-42804-70510AC iwo
  • 342-FH-3A-42805-70511AA iwo
  • 342-FH-3A-42806-70638AC iwo-1381626634
  • 342-FH-3A-42807-70639AC iwo-1409363663

342-FH-3A-42798-60193AC iwo

342-FH-3A-42798-60193AC iwo More
342-FH-3A-42798-60193AC iwo The combined attack of Superfortresses, Liberators and fighter planes has struck Iwo Jima this month In the first operations of the new Pacific Strategic Air Force These combat photos made from a B-24 attacking the Jap island midway between Saipan and Tokyo show strings of heavy bombs bursting on the airfield already pocked by hundreds of bomb hits. The raids are the heaviest an island of this size has ever received.


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