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  • 342-FH-3A-42773-54856AC iwo
  • 342-FH-3A-42774-A54856AC iwo
  • 342-FH-3A-42775-55108AC iwo
  • 342-FH-3A-42778-55613AC iwo-1916229336
  • 342-FH-3A-42784-55745AC iwo
  • 342-FH-3A-42785-55746AC iwo
  • 342-FH-3A-42786-56056AC iwo
  • 342-FH-3A-42787-56106AC iwo-1745364230
  • 342-FH-3A-42788-56253AC iwo-1445840260

342-FH-3A-42784-55745AC iwo

342-FH-3A-42784-55745AC iwo More
342-FH-3A-42784-55745AC iwo From the beach of Iwo Jima Island, Bonin Group, to the airplane servicing area between the two Jap airstrips, hundreds of 20-pound fragmentation bombs of 7th AAF Liberators completely plow up Japanese territory. The rows of bomb explosions in center cut through Jap slit trenches near the beach and cover extensive automatic weapons defenses. Five-hundred pound bombs exploding in great clusters between the two airfields at top accounted for revetment areas in which two Jap aircraft were destroyed, radio station damaged and servicing and repair facilities damaged


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