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  • 342-FH-3A-42768-54720AC iwo-1894715376
  • 342-FH-3A-42769-54723AC iwo
  • 342-FH-3A-42770-54807AC 7th af iwo bombing-522489581
  • 342-FH-3A-42771-54855AC iwo
  • 342-FH-3A-42772-A54855Ac iwo
  • 342-FH-3A-42773-54856AC iwo
  • 342-FH-3A-42774-A54856AC iwo
  • 342-FH-3A-42775-55108AC iwo
  • 342-FH-3A-42778-55613AC iwo-1916229336

342-FH-3A-42772-A54855Ac iwo

342-FH-3A-42772-A54855Ac iwo More
342-FH-3A-42772-A54855Ac iwo Radio Station at Iwo Jima, Bonin Island Group was not only off the air but almost off the earth after bombing attack. B-24s (Consolidated) met moderate but consistent fighter opposition from Iwo Jima's two airfields.


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