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  • 342-FH-3A-42211-57798AC 7thaf b24 iwo-68949836
  • 342-FH-3A-42213-70440AC
  • 342-FH-3A-42221-54959AC siapan19th fs-2063072341
  • 342-FH-3A-42302-unk 28th photo-273709712
  • 342-FH-3A-42750-unk iwo
  • 342-FH-3A-42751-unk iwo
  • 342-FH-3A-42754-unk b-29 bombing iwo-1519737545
  • 342-FH-3A-42755-53608AC
  • 342-FH-3A-42756-53967AC

342-FH-3A-42750-unk iwo

342-FH-3A-42750-unk iwo More
342-FH-3A-42750-unk iwo This hitherto unpublished picture of Iwo Jima shows salvoes of bombs from 7th AAF Liberators from Marianas bases striking airstrip number one Just faintly visible under the black smoke and white clouds in right upper center. The airstrip number two is at lower left. The area between the two airfields were the heavy bombs are just beginning to burst is a highly important target area containing supplies and aircraft and other vital installations.


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