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  • A-127-G-142484
  • A-127-N-110109
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  • A-26-G-4098
  • A-342-FH-3A-42688-70352AC 45th fs iwo landing
  • A-342-FH-3A-42689-70353AC during battle
  • A-80-G-081


A-127-N-110109 More
A-127-N-110109 Photo #: USMC 110109

Iwo Jima Operation, 1945

Fourth Division Marines begin an attack from the beach on Iwo Jima, as another boatload of men is disgorged onto the beach by an LCVP, 19 February 1945.
Note the amphibious tractor (LVT) burning in the right center, and men taking cover ashore.
Photographed by T/Sgt. Neil Gillespie, USMCR


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