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Sim-House Combat Flight Simulator II Paint Scheme for the 78th FS P-51 (Jim Tapps)New - now you can fly a 78th P-51
1950's Bushmasters at Sheperdsgrove
In memory of "Pilot Ben" Kearney
Of War and Weddings by a 78th veteran.
Shaw Air Force Base

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Charles H. MacDonald Bio (Passed Away 3/4/02)
Another Charles H. MacDonald Link

18th Fighter Wing History
George Welch Bio
John Mitchell Bio
The Diary of a B-29 Pilot who was shot down over Tokyo
7th Fighter Command History

US Strategic Bombing Survey Report (Pacific War)
Pearl Harbor Remembered
Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto
78th Fighter Group 8th AF Europe
The Other 78th
Air Force Historical research Agency
George Welch (47th FS 15th FG) writeup
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United States Army Air Force Resource Group


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