out that he was working on a reunion of the 7th FCMD Association in October of 1998 perhaps in Orlando. He thanked us for our faith in him by giving him an opportunity to serve as President of the 7th Fighter Command Association. 
  Ken retook the podium and related "words" received from people who could not make it. Evan Norgord didn't attend because he is fighting prostrate cancer with daily radiation treatments. His prognosis is good. Bing Gibson saying they were sorry they couldn't make it. George Norton said he and his wife are hosting a reunion of the 98th Bomb Squadron and couldn't make it. Joe Guldan said Dorothy just had a hip replaced and was in therapy and they couldn't make it. 
  He brought up the history we talked about in Seattle  He urged everyone to get their stories in. 
  Ken asked the women to attend the business meeting . He feels  that we were at or approaching a crossroads on future reunions because of  our aging and asked for inputs on where we go from here. He asked if we should continue reunions and all said that they wanted to continue. 
  He brought up that our by-laws call for the election of new officers and asked for volunteers. He got no response. He then asked if someone would like to make a motion to "suggest" someone. Ed/Mike nominated Clyde for president. Clyde accepted and was quickly voted in. The current officers agreed to continue serve except that ken agreed to replace Ed as VP.  
  Ken called on our next president to say a few words on our next reunion.  Clyde proposed Cottonwood, Arizona as a possible site. (See President's Letter) 
  Ken closed by saying  that his most valued antiques were his old friends. 
  We got a call on 6 October from a "GT" Alexander who explained that he had organized a post WWII group of veterans of the 78th Fighter Squadron . He didn't know when he started building a roster and began planning a reunion last spring, that there was an established organization of the WWII people in existence. He noticed our ad for the Milwaukee reunion in the Air Force magazine. He sent us a copy of  the letter that he sent to the people on his roster announcing the reunion to be held at the Aladdin hotel in Las Vegas on 17-19 October 1997. The letter  got lost in the shuffle and we didn't respond, ergo his phone call. Clyde and Edith Mortensen and Jim Tapp scurried around and attended. 
The 78th was active in England from 1 November 1952 until 15 May 1992 when it was deactivated. It was reactivated at Shaw AFB, SC on 3 January 1994. Most of the people at the reunion seemed to be from the '60 - '70s era. They seemed to be a fine, congenial  group - just like us only a bit younger. In listening to their stories it was obvious that 78th has remained  an outstanding squadron. First at many things. 
We had a "Flight Suit" cocktail party with heavy hors d'oeuvres the first night (a big live snake visited for awhile). The second day was occupied with a short business meeting, a cruise on Lake Mead (with lunch served aboard - sound familiar), and an elaborate Buffet Banquet that evening. Major General  Billy McCoy, Retired spoke. The hospitality suite was very active of course. 
The business meeting centered around the future. There was a unanimous consensus that they continue having reunions about every two years. They also were very strongly in favor of joining our organization. They
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